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about us

Catalyst is a rapidly expanding not-for-profit organisation charged with creating a culture of philanthropy in professional Australia.

Every professional can have the opportunity to explore for themselves how they might like to contribute in society. This will unlock an enormous resource of skills and social leadership to advance societal well-being and sustainability in Australia.

Catalyst is being developed to provide a forum for that important exploration and to support other organisations to create that type of culture themselves.

From our popular regular events, to the Catalyst Charity Team, Catalyst delivers a mix of activities that provide professionals with varied opportunities to explore, on their own and with their peers.

Since its launch in 2001, Catalyst has delivered over 60 great events involving Australia’s foremost social leaders and rooms filled with Sydney’s inspired and motivated professionals. Click here to find out about our past and upcoming events and seminars.

The Catalyst Charity Team is a team of professionals brokering exciting opportunities for professionals to support Australia’s more innovative charities. Click here to find out more.

catalyst is run by...

The core leaders of Catalyst are:

Jason Van Ross Howe Simon Carter

Catalyst is delivered by the not for profit company, Catalyst Network Ltd. ABN: 79115182093.

get involved

Catalyst operates with the generous support of an extensive team of people. We would greatly appreciate your involvement and there are several ways in which you can do so:

-  Join our management team - eg. marketing, sponsorship, event production, philanthropic project management.

-  Sponsor an event and receive the benefits of our sponsor's promotional package.

-  Donate a Member's Prize to be drawn at an event and promote your business.

-  Can you recommend or contact a great Catalyst event speaker?
To get involved please contact-

Simon Carter:
     e: simon@catalystnetwork.com.au
     p: 0416 114 216 or

Janine Moodley:
     e: janine.moodley@catalystnetwork.com.au
     p: 0412 162 846

operating policies

Catalyst is a politically neutral organisation and is open to all interested people. We observe the principles of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, avoiding all discriminatory practices including those relating to race, sex religion and politics.

Catalyst works to ensure that it's activities avoid negative impacts on the environment and positively impact where possible.


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